Prevention is better than cure

SwimSeal is a unique formulation containing Australia tea tree oil that is applied before exposure to water.

  • Creates a waterproof barrier in the ear canal.
  • Prevents ear discomfort and infections due to trapped water.
  • Leaves the ear naturally and should be reapplied as needed.


Prevents & Protects

  • Developed by ENT surgeons.
  • Avoid the costs and inconvenience of water-related ear problems.
  • The drops that STOP painful ears caused by exposure to water.


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As a young fella growing up I suffered from ear infections all the time. I hated using ear plugs which were no good and Blu Tac was my only choice for blocking the water out. Whilst this worked the downfall is your hearing is impaired and blocks out a lot of what is going on around you.

Not good for a coach of Sunshine Coast Tri Academy (SCTA) and definitely not good for the swimmers who can’t hear the coach. After only one swim I am a covert. SwimSeal Australia Protective Ear Drops are great and work perfectly. Unbelievable – no more water in my ears and no more ear plugs or Blu Tack! SwimSeal is a real winner!

Toby Coote

It worked absolutely fantastic. I put the drops in just before getting in the pool and my son (2 years old) had the best swim lesson ever. There was no crying or pulling at his ears, and most importantly, no ear infection - he just enjoyed the whole lesson. So thank you so much, I really appreciate this product and will highly recommend it!


Swimesal really works!! My son won’t wear ear plugs and this is a fantastic alternative.


I have not swum freestyle properly in the surf for years as I hate getting water pouring into the ear canal, knowing it will sit there for days. The product seemed logical and safe, so I gave it a go. It worked as claimed – and I now have the freedom denied for many years.


For years I had used ear plugs off and on but they were often more hassle then benefit. SwimSeal is easy and effective.

The water is completely blocked out and I never have any trouble through the day.

Mitch Kibby


i4 Coaching and Multisports

Mitch Kibby


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